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A free and easy to use utility that checks a site for broken links
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5 December 2013

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This is a software tool that checks for links that are broken on a web site.

Fast Link Checker Lite is a free and easy tool to find the broken links on a website. By providing the URL you ask the tool to find the broken links, it finds the links for a specific page or all of pages in that site. The tool is able to check static and dynamic HTTP or HTTPS pages. It also finds FTP, FTPS and RTSP links too. Links in a HTML file is found directly without the need to actually access the server. The tool will also check all the files in the same folder, if a link were pointing to another file in the same folder. This is quite a vital area to check when designing a website. Rather than your visitors getting frustrated with broken links, it is good if you could find them and correct them.

The interface is simple to set up and use. The reporting by the package is easy to read. You could get a listing of the broken links in a file too. Information about each link is supported by a lot of details, such as the URL, check status, comment, page title, protocol, content type, page size, last modified date, character set of the page, time taken to download the page, type of resource, directory level, external or internal location, page and position where this link can be found, etc. Fixing the link then becomes very easy to do. The tool is multi-threaded, so that as you graduate to more powerful processors, the work should proceed faster. If you are into web site building, this is one tool you could certainly use.

Publisher's description

Fast Link Checker Lite is a free and easy to use utility that checks a site for broken links. It starts checking links from the specified URL and processes all found pages on the site until all links are checked. Although, Fast Link Checker Lite allows checking links on a single page of the site, it is easy to check the entire site for broken links.
Fast Link Checker Lite can check links to different resource types on both current and external sites, check all static and dynamic HTTP and HTTPS pages, FTP, FTPS and RTSP links. It can also check links in HTML files directly, without accessing a web server, simply specify a file name and its path as start URL and links in that file will be checked, optionally, if a link in that file points to another file in the same folder Fast Link Checker Lite will follow that link and check links in that file until all files in the folder are checked.
From the web server side, Fast Link Checker Lite acts like a web browser, so there is no difference what type of web server a host is running. All properly configured web servers are supported by Fast Link Checker Lite. It is possible to customize user-agent identification to track Fast Link Checker Lite visits in the web server logs. Fast Link Checker Lite connects to the Internet directly or via a proxy server. It supports HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy servers.
Fast Link Checker Lite implements a multi-threaded algorithm allowing it to download and check several pages at a time, which considerably increases the performance.
Fast Link Checker Lite provides user-friendly reports on found broken links that can be saved to a file. Reports contain a lot of information about each link, including URL, Check status, Comment, Page title, Protocol, Content type, Page size, Last modified date, Character set of the page, Time taken to download the page, Type of resource, Directory level, External or internal location, Page and position where this link can be found.
Fast Link Checker Lite
Fast Link Checker Lite
Version 2.2
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